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SPN RPS FIC: Murder and Martinis
Reading is Sexy
Title: Murder and Martinis || AO3 Mirror || Podfic (exmanhater)
Author: gigglingkat
Beta: waterofthemoon and several others.
Artist: clex_monkie89
Rating: PG13
Word Count/Genre: >29,750 Words, RPS AU Movie Remix
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens CW and Other RPF cast
Warnings: Heavy drinking by all characters.  References to murder and domestic violence (not J2).
Summary:  Movie Remix fic based on the 1934 film The Thin Man. Jared had given up the life of a playboy private detective.  For the past four years he'd happily been the husband and business protege of Jensen Ackles, the millionaire head of a magnate's vast empire.  But during a Christmas vacation in NYC, his old life crashes into his new and Jared finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.  Thankfully, Jared's got Jensen, Icarus, and martinis to help him see it through.
Author's Notes:  The original work is a "hard boiled detective" novel (like noir, but less bleak) -the narration style here owes more than a little to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteries. This is a complete AU - where same sex marriage exists legally at a federal level.  This is a work of fan fiction and is no copyright infringement is intended.

Note: Because I don't use cuts on this journal, you can also click the murder and martinis tag and read from top to bottom.

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This was adorable. I didn't want it to end!

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